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Nowadays so many things compete for time and attention that our so-called free time has to be managed as carefully as the working day if we are to fit everything into our busy lives. Doing up our homes often takes second place to more pressing needs, even though there are jobs that have been on our ‘must do’ lists for months. By giving you attainable targets to aim for and simple instructions to follow, this site will help you break the log jam.

So that you can organize your weekends better, we have selected some of the more essential and popular DIY projects. Some are very simple and should take you no longer than an hour or two. Other jobs are more time-consuming, and you may have to put in a whole day or even allow for the entire weekend.

In any case, not everybody works at the same speed. If you are fairly experienced, you will be able to cruise through some of these tasks in less time than we suggest; but if you are tackling a project for the first time, you are bound to be a little hesitant and may find yourself taking longer. And then there are the unforeseen snags that can turn an hour’s work into a day of misery! For these reasons, we have suggested sensible cut-off points for those jobs where time matters. If you can see yourself running out of time, try to pace the work so that you can leave a project at a stage where you can conveniently pick it up again the next weekend or over a couple of evenings during the following week.

You can easily waste half a day or more unless you remember to buy all the materials you need in advance. Similarly, check our list of essential tools for each project and make sure you have them to hand and in good working order for the weekend.

Lastly, efficiency depends on doing things in the right order. It is frustrating to come to a job only to find there is a lot of preparatory work you haven’t bargained for. We have thought of this too, by including essential preparation as separate projects so that you can include them in your scheme of work.

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