Advanced Garden Decking Ideas


It is important to realize that the most expensive does not necessary mean the best. A simple, well-designed, professionally built deck can often be a better way to spend your money than a not-so-well-built DIY deck. If for any reason you feel unhappy with a project that is beyond the methods shown in this site, look to a deck builder to do the work for you.

Advanced Garden Decking Ideas As with any idea of installing a garden feature, some of us want to build something just a little bigger and more ambitious. In any large-scale building project such as constructing a deck it is best to seek advice about its design and construction as a small mistake could be disastrous and dangerous to people — as well as the building it is attached to.

Planning is even more important when the decks are more complex as rectifying mistakes can be very expensive once construction is underway. If you are going to build the deck in stages to spread the cost, or to allow extra work to be carried out, explain to the builders what sections are to be constructed. This will give them an idea of how to plan the deck in sections that can be easily completed and left in a state that makes the deck not only useable, but structurally safe.

Once the deck’s use and position has been decided, a call to the decking company is required to allow them to come out and complete your design to local building regulations, if any apply. Always get two or three quotes to make sure you are getting what you want, and ask to see samples of the timber before they start work.

With a professional company building your deck, you will be able to have almost any type of deck shape or size build that you can imagine.

Multi-level decks from a second floor balcony can be created with a stairway to lower levels for dining and walkways to other areas of the garden such as the spa, hot tub or swimming pool. There is no limit to design or size, providing the deck solves all your requirements for use and is within your budget.


You may want to design your own deck and then supply the drawings to the deck builders yourself for them to quote for. Remember to listen to their comments, as some of your ideas may be too complex or just not feasible, so do not ignore what they have to say. If you are sure that the design fits your requirements, get another builder to give you their opinion. If both builders agree that the design is not workable, you will have to think again.

If the deck changes the appearance of the house you will need to check to be sure that planning permission is not required. If it is, any building regulations are applied to the deck and its supporting structure.

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