The most famous aniseed-flavoured liqueur is that of the founder of the French liqueur business, the 18th century lady from Bordeaux, Marie Brizard. She nursed the poor and sick and was given a recipe for a semi-medical drink by a grateful West African patient. On this she established her business, in partnership with Jean-Baptiste Roger: the name of the firm – Marie Brizard et Roger – still indicates their association. The establishment today makes a wide range of liqueurs, but their anisette is possibly the best known. Other aniseed-flavoured liqueurs include Anise del Mono from Spain; Anisetta Stellata from Italy; Escarchardo from Portugal; La Tintaine from France; Mastika from Greece and the Balkans; Oxygenee, which is made in both France and the U.S.; Tres Castillos from Puerto Rico; ouzo from Cyprus and Greece; and pastis.

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