How to Connect Dishwasher Water Supply


1. Choose an accessible site for the self-cutting connector within easy reach of the dishwasher hose. For a wall-mounted type, drill and plug holes and screw in place.

2. Fit the clamp over the pipe — some types are hinged, others are in two parts — not forgetting the internal seal if supplied. Screw the two parts of the connector tightly together.


3. Screw in the stoptap to pierce the pipe wall (some types need an extra turn with a spanner), and adjust it to sit vertically. Fit the rubber seal in the supply hose and screw to the outlet



Option 1: fit a self-cutting connector to the existing waste pipe. Screw in the cutter, then attach the hose connector and non-return valve, followed by the machine outlet hose.

Option 2: fit a washing machine trap in place of the sink trap. Most types have sliding seal joints and need no adjustment, otherwise trim the parts to fit with a hacksaw.


Trade Tip

Avoiding siphonage

"If there isn’t a non-return valve on the drainage outlet, avoid back-siphonage by curving the machine’s outlet hose over the trap or waste pipe connector as shown. If necessary, fix up a bracket using a cup hook and a piece of wire."

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