‘Aspect’ in Wine Speaking Terms

This word risks being misunderstood in wine talk because it more correctly means the ‘outlook’ of a vineyard, not what the vineyard looks like. The aspect includes the angle at which the vineyard is sited; its relation to the sunlight, especially the way and time at which the sun will strike the vines (whether slantingly or from on high); and whether the greatest heat will fall on the vineyard in the morning or afternoon. The rows of vines are planted to achieve the best aspect.

Anyone who is able to view steeply terraced vineyards on slopes such as those alongside the winding Mosel will see how the aspect of one small patch of vines is quite different from that of one almost alongside. Ideally, in many instances, vineyards of the northern hemisphere face in a southerly direction, because this way they enjoy some protection from the cold winds coming from the north; they also benefit by getting the sun’s rays in the morning or at least by midday, because this is when night dews can be dissipated and the greatest heat is bestowed on the vines. (Anyone who sunbathes knowns that tan is best acquired in the morning sun.)

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