Basic Cocktail Equipment

Basic Cocktail Equipment

cocktail equipment You will require some basic cocktail equipment, most of which is fairly inexpensive and some of which you will probably already have.

Cocktail shaker

Many different types are available. The most versatile is in two parts — a plain glass beaker with a metal beaker to fit over the rim. The latter has a pouring hole and cap and is often fitted with a strainer.

Mixing glass

This should be a plain glass jug with a pouring lip and a minimum capacity of 600 ml/1 pint.

Mixing spoon

A long-handled, metal (not silver) spoon with an oval bowl. A patterned handle helps prevent the spoon slipping when wet.


Even if your shaker has a built-in strainer you will require this for stirred drinks. A Hawthorne strainer is best and you should always avoid using silver which can taint the cocktail.

Ice trays

Several trays are necessary to ensure a plentiful supply of ice.

Ice bucket and tongs

A fairly large, well-insulated ice bucket prevents constant trips to the refrigerator. A large serving spoon is as good as tongs.


Use whichever sort — and there are many — you find most comfortable and reliable.

Bottle opener and sealer

Essential for some effervescent mixes. Fortunately, many are now sold in screw-top bottles.

Lemon squeezer

Not just for lemons, but also oranges and limes. Glass and plastic are equally satisfactory.

Sharp knife and board

Essential for slicing fruit for decorations.


A measure of some kind is essential but as long as you are consistent and use the same measure throughout the mixing, you do not have to buy a special measure. A liqueur glass, for example, would serve instead. You will also require a measuring jug and a set of measuring spoons in the following sizes: 2.5 ml / 1/2 teaspoon; 5 ml / 1 teaspoon; and 15 ml / 1 tablespoon.

A standard measure, called a jigger, is 4 cl / 1-½ fl oz and this has been used for all the recipes contained in this site.

Standard Jigger
Jigger(s) Metric (cl) Imperial (fl oz)
1/4 1 3/8
1/2 2 3/4
3/4 3 1-1/8
1 4 1-1/2
1-1/2 6 2-1/4
2 8 3
3 12 4-1/2
4 16 6

Electric blender

This is not essential, except for a very few cocktails, but it is a useful piece of equipment in the kitchen as well as the bar. Some blenders also have an attachment for extracting juice.


You will require at least one clean glass cloth, bowls for olives, sugar, cherries, etc, straws and cocktail sticks.

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