Bathroom Window Ideas

Windows are very important. At least one fanlight window should open to allow adequate ventilation. If there is no opening window a wall or window-mounted extractor fan should be used. In a completely enclosed bathroom, a system of ducted ventilation is essential.

Windows with louvres give privacy and ventilation. Opaque decorative glass can be used. Apart from good natural lighting, adequate artificial lighting is also important. The bathroom should be evenly lit.

Finishing touches

Window furnishings may be curtaining, of possibly plastic or towelling material, Venetian or roller blinds. Venetian blinds usually consist of metal slats coated with plastic, though timber slats are available. These are made in a variety of colours and offer privacy while allowing light into the room.

Roller blinds are made in a wide range of colours and patterns. Maximum light can enter the bathroom by day, by raising these fully.

Much can be done with décor finishing by choosing accessories carefully. Towels, and bathmats, in matching colours, help to give a unified look. It is in choosing these items that one can experiment and add a touch of individuality.

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