Beer Homebrew: Mild ale recipe


1.5 kg/3l b 4 oz malt extract

500g/1 lb 1-1/2oz crushed crystal malt grains

750g/1 lb 10oz brown sugar

75g/2-1/2oz Wye Northdown (Fuggle) hops

21.6 litres/38 pints soft water

Ale yeast

1 Boil the hops and »rains together in a covered pan for forty-five minutes. Dissolve the sugar and malt extract in some warm water. Strain the hop and grain liquor into the malt solution and top up to the 22.75-litre/5-gallon mark with cold water.

2 When cool, add the yeast and ferment out, skimming and stirring on the second and third days.

3 Rack into a pressure keg, stir in 85 g/3 oz castor sugar, seal and leave for ten days before serving. Makes 22.75 lires/5 gallons.

14. November 2011 by admin
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