Carpet Laying Basics

Choosing a carpet is one thing, and laying it is another. A carpet is a costly item, so it is important to follow the rules of laying correctly – recognising that great care is needed where an expensive carpet is concerned. Looking after a carpet, once laid, is essential, as is the careful selection of a suitable underlay, to add years of life to the carpeting of your choice.

When decorating from scratch, never leave the carpet until last-select it first. If you are only re-carpeting and wish to keep existing furnishings, try to make sure that the carpet links up well with the existing materials, for the carpet is the most dominating factor in your room scheme.

Do not be afraid to use colour. Think of colour as important, and then think of a theme. Take into consideration the aspect of the room. If it is facing north and ‘cold’, a brown, red, orange or yellow carpet will make it appear warmer and give sparkle. A warm, south-facing room can take a carpet in the cool colours of the spectrum, such as blues and cool greens.

A dark room can be made to look quite different by using a light carpet, and a formal room less formal with a deep, shaggy pile carpet. Bright modern designs can overcome old-fashioned proportions if you live in a Victorian house, and a traditional-style carpet can make a room which has functional, modern furniture look softer and more welcoming.

Carpet can also do a lot to make a room larger or smaller. A long, narrow room can be made wider by using a boldly striped carpet; if you cannot find a good striped design, stick stripes of alternating coloured ‘body’ carpet, such as Wilton, to form the desired effect. A light and dark tone of one colour can be successful or, for a striking effect, try bright, primary colours or use loose-lay carpet tiles.

A closely fitted carpet in a small room will have a broadening effect, since this does not break up the lines of the floor area. A small flat looks better carpeted throughout in the same carpet, making it appear more spacious. Each room can be given individuality by using distinctive furnishings. Large designs have the effect of making the floor area look smaller.

Unlimited schemes can be built around carpets, whether your choice is plain or patterned, textured or shaggy pile, modern or traditional. A lot of the fun of choosing a carpet comes when deciding on the colour and the pattern.

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