Casement and Sash Window Draught Proofing

Casement windows may be draught-proofed in the same way as previously described for draught-proofing doors. The most efficient material for this purpose is phosphor-bronze strip which should be affixed so that the sprung edge is inside the window-frame when it is closed (see Image A).

Sash windows are difficult to draught-proof but this can be done with phosphor-bronze strip which should be attached to the framework with the sprung side against the beading edges as shown in Image B. In many cases the entry of draught through a sash window is due to a faulty catch and it is not a very difficult thing to remove old battered catches and replace them with new ones.

draught proofing windowsA metal basement window should not require draught-proofing; if draught enters a metal window this is usually due to a raised lump of hardened paint on one of the meeting edges. The lump should be chipped off and rubbed smooth.

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