Celestial or Skygazer Fish

This fish, also known as the Skygazer, has telescopic-like eyes that turn upwards. Some varieties are scaled and look metallic, whereas others have a pearly sheen. The body is long, and there is no dorsal fin. The Celestial should be kept on its own, and not mixed with other fishes, as it is at a disadvantage when competing for food because it looks in the wrong direction all the time.

It is not hardy, and in winter should be transferred from the outdoor pond to a frost-free situation where the water can be kept at a temperature of 13°C (55°F); in spring, when the danger of frost has passed, it can be returned to the pond. As it is a slow swimmer it needs to be watched for signs of disease or distress; it has the reputation of being short-lived.

08. February 2012 by admin
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