Central Heating Problems: Radiators



bleed radiators to cure airlocksIt is quite normal for small amounts of air to become trapped in the system and work their way round to the radiators, causing parts of them to go cool or cold.

Cure this by bleeding the radiators every so often using a special key. Fit the key in the valve, hold a cloth underneath, and turn anticlockwise. Close as water appears.



Thermostatic valves (TRVs)

thermostatic radiator valvesThermostatic valves (TRVs) are fitted in place of conventional on/ off valves to some radiators. They can jam in the closed position.

Unscrew and lift off the cover. Underneath is a pin, connected to the plastic diaphragm which opens and closes the valve. Move the pin up and down a few times with a pair of pliers to release the mechanism.



Lockshield valves

adjust the lockshield valveLockshield valves are fitted on the opposite side to the on/off valves or TRVs to balance the flow of water through the system.

If one radiator refuses to warm up, unscrew the valve cover, then use an adjustable spanner to turn the head anticlockwise half a turn and see if this helps. Repeat if necessary, but only once.

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