Checklist for Internal Home Repairs

Water systems

Central-heating systems and pipework should be checked. In directly heated systems, make sure that scaling of pipes, more likely in hard-water areas, is not present. It will be detectable by a loss of pressure at hot taps. Use a proprietary descaling agent to remove scale.

Check that stopcocks are free-turning, and grease them if necessary. Make sure that there are no leaks in pipes or unions. Inspect the loft cold-storage system to see that ball valves and fittings are not affected or corroded. Insulation around pipes should be checked to ensure that there is no exposure to freezing when cold weather comes.


Electrical services should be inspected. Frayed wires should be replaced. Switches and points should be checked to see that there is no damage or fault.

Outside lighting and cable should be looked at carefully. Lighting and equipment should be suitable for outside use and checked to ensure that it is watertight and unaffected by corrosion on connections or casing.


Wall tiles should be replaced if any have cracked. Bad tile grouting can be raked out and replaced. The sealant round the bath should be inspected and replaced if faulty.

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