Comet Fish

Also known as a Longtail, this is one of the fastest and most graceful of the Goldfish varieties. It is similar to the Shubunkin, but the longer caudal fin is deeply forked and at least three-quarters the length of the body. The other fins are flowing but very functional, making the fish very agile. The tail fin is single. The Comet is generally red, and shinier than the Shubunkin, but some are yellow; the preferred colour is a deep red-orange. Blue varieties are called Blue

Comets, and Sarasa Comets have strong red markings on a white background.

Comets are quite hardy and can be left to overwinter in the pond, although a pond heater is beneficial, and keeps the surface partly clear of ice. This fish is highly recommended for the garden pond, because of its brilliant colour and movement.

08. February 2012 by admin
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