Cooking with fresh fruit

Rhubarb too acid?

Add the juice of an orange when cooking to improve the taste. Or try a pinch of bicarbonate of soda or a cube of jelly.

Thickening fruit juices for a pie

Toss fruit lightly in flour or cornflour before adding it to a pie. Any juices which come from the fruit will thicken evenly.

Fruit pies boiling over?

Try adding a few dabs of butter to the filling before topping with pastry. Add very little liquid if the fruit is juicy.

Baked apples

To prevent apple skins from bursting while they bake, cut through the skin in a circle around the middle before cooking.

Party piece in minutes

If you’re too short of time to prepare a dinner party dessert there’s nothing easier or more impressive than an arrangement of exotic fruits such as mangoes, papaws, passion fruit, kumquats, lychees, guavas, kiwi fruit and star fruit. Pile them up unpeeled in an elegant bowl or on a wide platter and decorate with sprigs of orange or bay leaves.


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