Dealing with Infestation and Rot in Floors and Stairs

Dealing with Infestation and Rot

A house is under constant threat from infestation and rot, and even in the best maintained homes such pests can sometimes turn up. Being able to identify which pest has caused the damage, how they have been able to flourish and what effective treatment can be used to eradicate them is essential. Some infestations are more a nuisance than a danger to structures, but others have the ability to destroy your home if left unchecked.


Wood-Boring Insects

Over half of all homes suffer some sort of infestation from wood-boring beetles. It is not the beetles themselves that do the damage but their larvae, which bury into the wood creating elaborate labyrinthine tunnels. The best way to treat the problem is to treat the timbers with a woodworm solution. If you are at all unsure then professional help should be sought.


Wet and Dry Rot

Dealing With Infestations and Rot in Floors and Stairs - Dry Rot Dry rot thrives in warm and stagnant areas caused, for example, by dripping pipes under a bath or blocked air bricks that prevent the air circulating under a floor. Once dry rot has taken hold it can attack perfectly good timber and can even penetrate walls. At the centre of dry rot is a large fruiting body, white in appearance, from which long, spindly white/grey strands radiate. In the right conditions dry rot can spread at an alarming rate, quickly destroying hitherto healthy timber. If you find dry rot when working on the floor, all the infected timber must be removed and burnt to prevent the spread of the disease.

Wet rot is far less serious and does not have the capacity to spread as quickly as dry rot. Wet rot only occurs in wood with a high moisture content — the rot will cease to spread once moisture levels are lowered.


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