Decorating a New Kitchen

Wall finishes

Wall coverings vary from paint to washable vinyl kitchen wallpapers in a multitude of designs. Wood panelling, ceramic and stainless-steel tiles and cork are other possibilities.

When deciding on wall surfaces, there are two main considerations: cost and durability. If you like to change your décor scheme frequently, wallpaper or paint is probably best. Wood panelling, stainless steel or ceramic tiles are more expensive but provide a durable and virtually maintenance-free surface.


Flooring should also be hard wearing, warm, easy to clean and attractive. The choice of flooring ranges from linoleum to thermo-plastic tiles or sheeting, vinyl, foam-backed sheeting, ceramic floor tiles, loose-lay kitchen carpet tiles to kitchen carpeting.

There is a wide range according to cost, colour, texture, design and finish required.

Final touches

The proportion of kitchen window space should be about 20 per cent of the floor area.

Finishing touches to a kitchen come in the window furnishings. Picture windows provide a good vista but limit privacy. A roller blind, either pre-made or in kit form, is a good solution. Rolled up out of sight during the day it provides privacy at night.

Roller blinds are also quite acceptable on doors. Most kitchen blinds are plasticized and only need to be wiped clean. Blinds are made in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Venetian blinds, with plain or coloured slats, have the advantage of enabling outward vision while retaining privacy. These need a little more care and cleaning.

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