Decorating the Outside of Your Home

An external facelift gives a new lease of life to any home. Whether you are merely repainting woodwork or applying a decorative and protective wall surface, it is important to choose the right time of year and the correct weather conditions for working. There are numerous modern surface finishes which will add colour and texture to any home.

Exterior decorating is best carried out during spring or early autumn. External decorating work, as a rule, starts at the top and proceeds downwards. Conditions need to be dry, but not too hot.

For a complete facade facelift, start on the soffits (the boarding under the eaves), bargeboards (under the roof or gables) and fascia boards.

Next, deal with guttering and any wall cladding at the upper level that needs treatment. Whole-facade rendering should be completed, where possible, in one operation. Paint downpipes, masking the wall area behind, then tackle window frames and doors.

Where an entire facade is to be painted or rendered, particularly when using one of the highly adhesive mortar mixes, mask wood before starting.

As exterior paintwork does not usually require the fine finish of interior work, medium-quality brushes can be used. Always use a paint kettle and dispense only a workable amount of paint at a time, so that paint is not wasted through evaporation. A paint kettle is also easier to carry or attach to a ladder than a tin.

The ‘colour’ most often used on rendered surfaces is white. This can look most attractive, particularly in clean-air areas or near the sea, but, with a little thought, other colours can be used to great advantage. The colours used on a house can help to emphasize good features and disguise those less attractive.

Basically, house exterior decoration is a matter of taste, and care must be taken to make the best of attractive features, while minimizing the least pleasing facets. Very violent colour schemes may be exciting but rarely blend in with the surrounding area.

Each house has a particular character of its own, and this should be complemented by the external decoration.

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