DIY Job: How to Flush Panel Doors

Panelled doors may be given a smooth flush surface by covering them with 1/8 in. thick hardboard. To do this, the door should be removed by releasing the screws securing the hinges to the framework. The lock fittings should also be removed. The covering panels are then cut to size and glued and nailed to the stiles of the door, finishing the edges with a hook scraper and glass-paper. Care should be taken not to cut down the size of the doors when finishing the edges of the flush coverings. The 1/2-in. oval nails used for securing the hardboard in place should be punched just below the surface of the new material.

If this method of flushing a door is done it will be necessary to remove the stops and trim them to cut away in. to allow for the extra thickness of the door. After trimming and re-hanging the door the stops should be re-nailed in place. Before refitting the metal furniture which consists of lock, handles and finger-plates, the door should be painted. Although the surface of hardboards is finished, it should be rubbed down with grade middle-two glass-paper to provide a scratched key for the paint. New hardboard should be primed and this may be done with pink priming paint or aluminium wood primer. This is followed by filling nail-holes and cracks at the edges with putty, or with a patent powder filler, before applying two undercoats and a finishing coat.

simple way to cover panelled doors

An alternative method of fitting flush panels to a door is illustrated right. This is a much simpler way of doing the job and it is not necessary to remove the door or cut down the moulding. The panel is cut 2 in. smaller all round than the surface area of the door; it is then nailed and glued to the stiles separating the panels as explained above and finished by priming, filling and painting. It will be necessary to remove and replace the door furniture when fitting the alternative flush panels.

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