Easy Cooking Tips: Getting the Cooking Measures Right

Measuring spoons

To be sure of getting exact quantities, buy a set of British Standard measuring spoons and use level measures. Ordinary spoons vary in size and aren’t reliable. For quick metric conversion, a standard tablespoon is roughly equivalent to about 15ml (1/2 fl oz) and a teaspoon to about 5ml.

American recipes

American measures are different, so convert to metric or Imperial before you start following a recipe. An American pint is 475ml (16 fl oz) and a cup measure is 225ml (8 fl oz). The standard American tablespoon is similar to the British: about 15ml (1/2 fl oz).

For quick converting:

1 cup butter = 225g (8oz)

1 cup flour = 150g(5oz)

1 cup grated cheese = 115g (4oz)

1 cup breadcrumbs = 50g (2oz)

Weighing Without Scales

Smaller amounts of some ingredients are best measured in tablespoons. The quantities below are all equal to about 25g (1oz) in weight.


Almonds, flaked / 3

ground / 32

Breadcrumbs, fresh / 7

dried / 3

Butter and margarine / 2

Cheddar, grated / 3

Chocolate, grated / 32

Cocoa / 22

Coconut desiccated / 4

Cornflour / 22

Currants and raisins / 2

Curry powder / 5

Flour / 3

Porridge oats / 4

Rice, uncooked / 2

Sugar, granulated / 2

caster / 2

icing / 22

Syrup / 1

Yeast granules / 12

Sticky situations

Ingredients such as honey, syrup and treacle are easily measured out if you place the whole tin or jar on the scales and note its weight. Subtract the weight you want from the weight of the tin and spoon out the contents until the scales show the correct weight. You’ll find measuring by spoon easier if you slightly warm the tin and the spoon beforehand.

Liquid measures

Use measuring spoons for small quantities of milk, water, oil and other liquids:

1 tablespoon = 15ml (1/2 fl oz)

2 tablespoons = 35ml (1-3/4 fl oz)

8 tablespoons = 140ml (5 fl oz)

For larger amounts, use a measuring jug, or improvise:

1 average-sized teacup or small yoghurt pot = 150ml (5-1/4 fl oz)

1 milk bottle = 1 pint (570ml)

Weights missing from scales?

Small weights are easily mislaid and expensive to replace, but did you know that the change in your pocket could be a handy alternative? For metric scales, a 20p coin weighs exactly 5g and a £1 coin a little under 10g. If your scale is Imperial, you can use a 2p piece for a 1/4oz weight and a 1p piece for a 1/8oz weight.

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