Electrical Appliances for the Home

Electric Fires:

These may be used as a complete system of house heating or as occasional sources of heat to supplement other types of heating. Fires are available ranging from small single element types to electric radiators and convector heaters. Specially made heaters are now available for use in nurseries or bathrooms, and these can be hung on walls or ceilings well out of reach of children. Some manufacturers have produced elements which can be arranged as unobtrusive panels in the skirting-boards.

Electric Water Heaters:

These are either of storage type or the very popular immersion type. Both do the job efficiently, and if used sensibly are no more expensive than other means of water heating. The most popular type is probably an immersion heater used as a supplementary heating to a solid fuel boiler, or for sole use during the summer months. An immersion heater consists of a specially made and protected element, which is fitted into the bottom of the tank. It should be fitted with a thermostat. After fitting the cylinder will need to be well lagged to retain the maximum amount of heat. Before installing an immersion heater it is advisable to obtain expert advice on the matter, as there are a variety of types for different types of cylinder.

An electric storage heater consists of a tank, which is specially manufactured and insulated to give the maximum retention of heat. Containing thermostatically controlled immersion heaters, storage heaters are available in many different sizes, from 1-1/2 gallons to 60 gallons; the smaller models up to about 5 gallons can be fixed to the wall above sink or basin, while larger bath-size models are mounted on the floor.

Instantaneous electric water heaters can be obtained. These heat the water as it flows through; they require a supply point of high loading and are mainly used as sink heaters, giving instant hot water for household purposes.

Electric Ovens:

These have many advantages. When considering the purchase of an electric oven make sure that the supply and voltage are suited to those of your supply, and choose an oven which includes a point for kettle or iron. Electric cookers are reliable and efficient and when properly used are not extravagant in the consumption of current.

electric ovensElectric ovens are manufactured to meet every requirement, from the one-room flat to the huge hotel. There are two main types of boiling plates, although some manufacturers produce other types on individual cookers. The main ones are the solid and the radiant types. The radiant plates heat more quickly, and do not require the use of heavy-based cooking utensils. The best choice of oven is one having at least one radiant and one solid plate for slower cooking. The hot-plates are fitted with a three-way switch, so that the plate can be adjusted to hot, medium or slow heats. A simmerstat fixed to the radiant plate is a great advantage, giving complete temperature control. The grill of an electric cooker is completely enclosed, giving a very handy space for keeping food warm.

In an electric oven the elements are either one on each side, or one top and bottom. Both arrangements are satisfactory, but each requires a slightly different technique in use. However, demonstrations are given at all electric showrooms, and full instructions are provided with each cooker.


A good reliable electric iron can be purchased very cheaply these days and is an essential in any household. An iron is best chosen by the person who will use it, so much depends on individual taste as regards the shape and weight. Some designs are very difficult for a left-handed person to manage, while others are especially designed to be equally easy whether held in the left or right hand. Handle the iron before buying, and be sure to choose a well-balanced model. It should have a comfortable handle with the flex arranged so that it does not get in the way. The weight of the iron can be between 3-1/2 lb. and 7 lb., one of about 5 lb. in weight is generally the easiest to manage. The modern heat-controlled and steam irons are a little more costly, but give excellent service, with an even heat controlled by the dial on the iron.

Food Mixers:

These can be invaluable in saving time or energy. There are many types available, and they are used for making cakes and all whisking processes, and each manufacturer makes different attachments for use with their particular mixer. Attachments are usually for mincing, chopping, grating, pulping, liquidizing, potato peeling, etc. An electric food mixer should be chosen for the following points — good construction, pleasing design, ease of storage and cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaners:

Vacuum cleaners not only clean carpets but also clean curtains and upholstery, do the dusting and in some cases scrub and polish floors too. They are generally either upright with a long handle, or cylinder-shaped (some have an enclosed dust-bag – some don’t). Both types are excellent, and are supplied with a variety of easily changed attachments. Generally speaking the upright type is probably most useful in a house with large expanses of floor, as it is quicker to move.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, bear in mind that the machine with the greatest suction is not always the most efficient. The following points will help you make up your mind when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

  • Is the machine heavy, or very noisy?
  • Will it store away easily in the space you have to spare for it?
  • Can it be assembled for use quickly and easily?
  • Is the handle easy to hold?
  • Can the nozzle be adjusted for the various kinds of carpets?
  • Is the dust-bag easy to take off and replace?
  • Do the attachments connect quickly and easily?
  • Does the manufacturer give after-sales service?


There are two main types : the first type has an electrically driven motor and compressor. In the other type the compressor is eliminated; this is known as an absorption type. The circulation of refrigerant gases is caused by the application of heat from an electrical element. This second type is practically noiseless, which is a great advantage, especially in a small home.

Refrigerators are obtainable in many sizes, the choice of course depending on the size of the family and the space available. As a general guide calculate about one cubic foot per person in storage space.

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