Electricity for Garden Equipment

Pumps for fountains or waterfall effects are run from the standard mains supply. These units are fully protected against corrosion. Cables supplying these should be of the armoured or Hituf variety connected to the pump’s lead with a weatherproof cable connector.

Pumps that are immersed in water should be of low voltage. These are run from a double-wound transformer to isolate the mains and provide the lower safer voltage. The transformer may be in an outhouse under cover.

Pumps should not be operated unless water is in the pumping system to prevent possible damage.

Garden lamps should be of the fully weatherproof variety, which are supplied with a mounting spike (which also earths them) and a length of three-core double-insulated cable.

The number of lamps which can run off a connection to a lighting circuit or a 2A socket outlet is three.

Where lamps are required to be submerged in pools, then a 12V or 24V waterproof type with the appropriate transformer should be used.

If permanent lighting is required, avoid continuous operation, which can lead to overheating.

Where temporary leads are run outside the home for drills, lawn mowers and other appliances, all cable fittings, such as plugs and sockets, should be of a weatherproof pattern. However, use. Where possible, a long lead with no joints.

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