External wall treatments

Cement finishes

A good way to improve the external appearance of house walls is to apply a decorative cement finish. This is not a difficult task but needs care. Cement rendering can be applied to bare brickwork, cement, stippled or shingle dash surfaces. Additional care must be taken if the surface is painted.

Three coats of sand and cement are applied to external walls. Often called rendering coats, the three layers have distinct functions.

The first coat is the rendering coat. This is ‘keyed’ (scratched for adhesion) and covered by the floating coat, which straightens out the surface before the application of the finish coat.

On external plastering the system used in the final coat depends on the finish to be used.

Cement fining is the coat most commonly used. This is finished with a wooden float or sponge.

Shingle dash is another finish, in which fine shingle is embedded in a fatty ‘butter’ coat.

Different masonry finishes, such as rough-cast, Tyrolean finish, and so on, are examples of finish coats.

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