First Aid: Dealing with Minor Cuts

Minor cuts only need medical help if infection has set in or if the IVI wound was caused by a dirty or rusty object.

The amount of blood lost and the extent of the injury usually show whether the wound is serious, but puncture or stab wounds can be deceptive.

First Aid: Dealing with Minor Cuts

1. When treating a minor cut, first stop the bleeding by pressing on the wound with a clean cloth such as the inside of a clean handkerchief or a wad of paper tissues.

2. Clean the skin around it with cotton wool and lukewarm water with soap or a mild antiseptic. Wipe outwards and away from the cut and make sure the water you are using does not run into it. Use each swab once and then change to a fresh one.

3. Dry around the cut with a new piece of cotton wool, and put on a plaster or a sterile dressing.

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