Floor Sanding

A proprietary floor sander can be hired and is an effective way to smooth an uneven floor, once boards are fixed down and nails and screws are punched below the surface. Remove layers of paint or varnish. Use a coarse grade of paper; this fixes to a drum. Start at one corner of the room and work diagonally across; pull the machine backwards then re-sand along the same line.

Overlap each by about 75mm until the floor is sanded. If necessary, repeat in the opposite diagonal direction.

Change to a medium or fine paper and sand in one direction, along the boards, pull back and work over each strip twice.

Since you cannot get completely into corners, use a smaller rotary sander, orbital sander or sanding disc to finish these areas, with a fine grade of paper.

A safety tip: The fine sawdust becomes energized by the action of sanding and may flare up dangerously if burned afterwards.

10. November 2011 by admin
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