Food Handling/Buying Tips: Food Safety Tips


You can’t protect your family from every passing germ, but if you follow these tips you’ll certainly cut down on any risks they’re taking:

  • Shop at clean, tidy shops with good standards of hygiene. Dirt and disorder could spell danger.
  • Don’t take food from any freezer filled above its load line.
  • Never buy or eat food that’s past its ‘use-by’ date.
  • Avoid anything with damaged packaging.
  • Inspect eggs before you buy, and don’t take any that are dirty or cracked.
  • Take a coolbag with you to the shops, and pack chilled foods into it to keep them cold until you get home.
  • Don’t pack raw and cooked meat in the same bag. Juices from raw meat contain bacteria that could be harmful if they leak onto cold meats such as ham and salami that won’t be cooked before being eaten.

26. October 2013 by admin
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