Food Safety Tips and Useful Kitchen Items


Following certain basic rules regarding kitchen hygiene helps to prevent food safety from being compromised.

• Wash hands with soap and hot water before handling any food.

• Wash hands after touching raw foods and before touching ready-to-eat foods.

• Wipe hands on a clean kitchen towel, not a tea towel.

• Cover any cuts and grazes.

food safety tips

• Wash work surfaces often with hot water and an antibacterial cleanser, especially after preparing raw meat, poultry or fish.

• Change tea towels daily.

• Bleach, disinfect or change kitchen dishcloths, sponges and mops frequently.

• Empty and disinfect rubbish bins regularly.

• Keep all food covered and mop up any spills immediately.

• Keep pets away from food and kitchen work surfaces.


Safety standards should be carefully adhered to when preparing food. A set of basic kitchen implements is essential for safe, hygienic food preparation. Recommended items include the following:

Vegetable-scrubbing brush

Thorough cleaning with a brush removes dirt and means that the nutrient- and fibre-rich vegetable skins can be eaten.

Sharp knives

Sharp knives minimize nutrient losses when peeling or chopping vegetables. Blunt knives can bruise the food and are more difficult to use, possibly increasing the risk of minor accidents.

Chopping boards

Whatever type of chopping board you choose (wood or synthetic material), keep two boards – one for preparing raw meat, poultry and fish, and one for general use.

Antibacterial cleanser

Use to keep work surfaces free of germs. Apply with a clean kitchen cloth or disposable kitchen paper.

Disposable kitchen paper

Unless disinfected regularly, dishcloths can harbour bacteria. Disposable kitchen paper can be a suitable alternative.

Rubber gloves

Wearing rubber gloves enables the hands to tolerate hotter water so that dishes can be more effectively cleaned.

Tea towels

Washed dishes are best left to dry on a draining board. However, if a tea towel is used it should be changed for each new batch of dishes and at the start of each day. Keep a separate kitchen towel for drying hands.

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