Garden Perennials


AMONGST THE LOVELIEST and most desirable of summer flowers are those which will not withstand frost. Less-hardy plants make excellent subjects for pots and containers. Grouped together on a terrace or beside a door they can form an attractive feature.

Lobelia syphilitica – These elegant blue spires would enhance most situations. Soil should be kept moist. 1.2m x 30cm/4 x 1ft

Lobelia tupa – Spectacular in flower, this lobelia requires really good drainage and protection from winter wet. 1.2m x 30cm/1 x 1ft

Gladiolus hybrid – Possibly these tall, rather stiff flower spikes are at their best in a formal bedding scheme. 1.2m x 30cm/4 x 1ft

Salvia discolor -Absolutely outstanding. Indigo-black flowers above white-felled leaves. Keep frost free. 60 x 30cm/2 x 1 ft


Many of these tender perennials will survive the winter provided they are given a frost-free place.

Grow them in pots throughout the colder months and then transfer to the open ground for the gardening season. Repot as the temperature falls.

Gazania South African daisies, available in a whole range of colours, make for an intense show. 30x20cm/1ft x 8in

Lobelia cardinalis ‘Queen Victoria’ – Deep wine red leaves and stems and intense red flowers dominate this striking plant. 90 x 30cm/3 x 1ft

♦ Surprisingly this foliage and flower looks superb when set against orange.


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