Gas Fired Water Heaters

Gas-fired heaters fall into two types-storage and instantaneous. The storage heater has a circulatory boiler connected to a hot-water cylinder; this heats the water which is then transferred to the storage cylinder through a circulating pipe.

Another pipe draws cooler water from the base of the cylinder back to the boiler for reheating, similar to normal domestic hot-water arrangements.

Since gas appliances emit fumes, some means of removing these must be provided; this is generally achieved by means of a flue pipe taken through an exterior wall or a metal flue grill.

Gas circulators may be directly coupled to a hot-water cylinder and the flue taken out through a rear wall. Most of these types have their temperatures thermostatically controlled.

Instantaneous gas water heaters can possess either single- or multi-point outlets, and subject to approval, may be run off the mains or from the storage cistern. The latter should provide the minimum lm head of water. There are a wide range of gas appliances to meet all domestic needs.

A single-point instantaneous gas heater is a good choice at a kitchen sink or wash basin. Where connected to mains, the hot water can be used for cooking-water from a hot cylinder cannot be used for this.

One type of unit is able to supply water at temperatures varying from warm, hot to boiling; this is achieved by fitting hot and cold taps and a three position temperature selector.

Some gas-fired heaters supply hot water at several points in the home. The water flow opens the main gas supply when a hot tap is turned on.

The supply is lit by the pilot light. A safety device prevents the main gas supply from operating when the pilot light is not ignited.

Some heaters can be partially recessed into the wall. Fresh air, for combustion, is drawn in through a room-sealed duct from the outside, which allows the working parts of the unit to be let into the wall. Some project as little as 130mm from the face.

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