Gas Water Heaters: Storage and Geyser Heaters

Storage heaters and instantaneous or old fashioned geyser types are both good for providing hot water for a small or medium-sized house, either as supplementary heaters to a solid fuel type boiler or as the sole means of supplying hot water.

Storage heaters provide an adequate supply of really hot water for a small family, but to be really economical they need to be near the bath or sink, and it is necessary to give them time to heat up again between baths. The circulators (the equivalent to an electric immersion heater) are connected with the main boiler so that they can be used either to supplement the main boiler, or independently in the summer months.

The geyser type of heater, heats the water as it flows; these are very useful in the kitchen as it is possible to have hot water on tap all the time. Small-sized sink heaters give boiling water and require no flues; the modern types have a pilot jet No that the heater lights at the turn of a handle. The larger types have multi-points, which supply hot water to the various taps in the house; they are very compact and economical to use, but they must be fixed with a proper flue.

Gas water heaters are usually serviced regularly by the local Gas Company for small charge, but the householder can do much to keep them working efficiently by occasionally cleaning the flue pipes and burners. If the burner in the heater cannot be removed, remember to cover it with rags while sweeping the flues. The burner is best cleaned with a wet brush. If possible hold the burner under a running tap so that it is thoroughly cleansed. Some heaters are fixed with a flue discharging to the outer air, in which case the exit must be kept brushed clean.

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