Glass Cutting: The Safe and Easy Way

There is a knack to glass-cutting which does require some practice before you can become fully proficient. The best tool for cutting glass is a diamond cutter and this type of cutter is always used by professional glaziers. However, diamond tools are expensive and you can use a cheaper tool of the type with a hardened-steel cutter-wheel which will be found quite efficient for glass of medium weights. The piece of glass being cut should be placed on a perfectly smooth, flat and solid surface and the working surface should be covered with a piece of thick carpet felt. The glass is cut by scratching the surface with the cutter which should be guided by a straight edge.

It is important that the cutter should always be drawn towards the body rather than pushed away and the tool should be held upright. There are two ways of separating the pieces after the surface has been scratched. In one method the glass is placed on the edge of the working table with the scratch aligned on the edge of the table and quick sharp pressure is applied to the waste piece, when the glass should crack cleanly along the scratched line.


Another method is to place a match-stick under the glass at each edge immediately under the scratch at each end. Press firmly and sharply on both pieces when the glass should crack cleanly along the scratch. Most amateur failures with cutting glass are due to the nature of the scratch. It is only necessary to make a very light scratch on the glass. If the cutter is run backwards and forwards along the straight edge this will produce a rough, wide cut which almost always results in the crack running away from the scratch.

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