Glazing Metal Framed Windows

Though the procedure for glazing metal frames is largely the same as for wooden frames, a mastic glazing medium has to be used and added provision must be made for expansion.

Sprigs are not used; glass is held in place by spring clips, resembling a bent letter ‘s’ which hook into the rebate. These press on to the glass face. When re-glazing, carefully remove existing clips for re-use.

Metal frames require small plastic expansion pieces in the bottom frame rebate. These are set into the bedding mastic and their thickness must be allowed for when cutting glass.

Two causes of glass in metal frames cracking are rust and distortion. In some cases you may have to contemplate fitting a new frame, if deterioration is considerable or the distortion cannot be corrected.

Any rust should be removed by cleaning the affected area with wire wool. It should then be treated with a rust inhibitor and primed.

In some cases, metal glazing beads are fixed to the outside of steel and aluminium windows with grub screws. Before removing these, first lubricate with a drop of penetrating oil; this facilitates removal.

In cases where, with any window or door, only surface putty needs renewing, simply remove the deteriorated putty and re-putty the rebate with new weathering putty.

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