Greenhouse Gardening Round the Year Jobs


Clean all glass, inside and out, also pots and trays for using in the coming season.

Cut back plants of late chrysanthemums.

Support with thin canes and soft string the developing growth of bulbs.

Spray budding azaleas frequently to keep the leaves turgid.

Put roots of rhubarb under the staging for forcing.


Make a start with sowings of antirrhinums, coleus, lobelia, petunias and salvias for summer bedding, provided sufficient heat is maintained.

Also Primula obconica, saintpaulias and streptocarpus for flowering pot plants.

Set up dahlia tubers on the staging and spray them to get new shoots for cuttings.

Take strawberries into heated house.


Take cuttings of dahlias and chrysanthemums.

Sow summer bedding flowers of all kinds, also tomatoes.

Prick out seedlings of first sowings.

Take cuttings from big plants of geraniums.

Start tubers of begonias and gloxinias into growth in trays of moist peat.

Sow seed of lettuce, onions, Brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, carrots and cauliflower.

Take strawberries into unheated house.


Sow Primulas malacoides and sinensis for pot plants.

Over 500 species comprise the genus Primula; t...

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Sow more half-hardy annual flowers, even without artificial heat.

Prick out all seedlings before they become crowded.

Start spraying against pests to prevent any build up of an attack.

Transfer largest seedlings to larger pots and start feeding all pot plants.

Change plants from windowsills indoors.

Plant tomatoes into big pots.

Sow sweet corn.


Sow cinerarias for next winter’s flowering plants.

Transfer rooted tubers to pots.

Water all plants more frequently and ventilate for longer periods.

Start feeding tomato plants when first truss has set and provide them with supports.

Harden off seedlings for planting outdoors by removing them to a frame or sheltered corner.

Stand the pots of late chrysanthemums out of doors.


Fix green polythene shading in the greenhouse roof to shade plants against strong sun.

Ventilate the house freely all day.

Remove the sideshoots from leaf joints of tomato plants.

Give seedlings of flowering pot plants larger pots as they develop.


Cuttings of fuchsias and hydrangeas root well now.

Transfer primulas to larger pots.

Feed all plants every week.

Sweet smelling old-fashioned stock can be raised for winter flowering by sowing now.

Spray against pests every few days.


New season’s shoots of flowering shrubs pulled off as cuttings will root in the propagator now.

Start last Christmas’s cyclamen into growth again by watering and spraying.

Plant corms of freesias in pots for late winter flowers.

Continue feeding all plants and spraying against pests.

Sow lettuce for late winter and early spring cutting.


Pick all remaining tomatoes and ripen them off in a paper-filled box.

Clear away the relics of the spent plants.

Plant in pots bulbs of Cragford, Paper White and Soleil d’Or narcissi for early flowers.

Sow seeds of cyclamen for next winter’s plants, schizanthus for spring.

Bring indoors last winter’s azaleas Remove shading from roof.


Sow sweet pea seeds for specially fine plants next summer.

Bring in fuchsias and geraniums from outdoor beds and cut back the tops.

Keep fuchsias under the staging, geraniums on top in the light.

Feed all plants which are continuing to grow, notably cyclamen and primulas


The basic rule to keep down the pests and diseases to which most greenhouse plants are prone is to spray against them with pesticide or fungicide at the very first sign of attack and repeat this at regular fortnightly intervals through the growing season. By damaging the leaves of a plant, pests prevent them from functioning at full capacity and the plant becomes debilitated. Diseases allowed to prosper can kill a plant but will always weaken it.

Remove sweet pea seedlings to a frame for the winter.

Line inside of the house with clear polythene to cut down heat loss during cold weather.

Ventilate freely on mild days, but close down early in the afternoon.

Watch for mildew of leaves of dormant or growing plants and remove any affected.

Keep spraying against pests and disease.

Water all growing plants only lightly now.


If early flowering hardy border plants like doronicum, Solomon’s seal, primroses, polyanthus and forget-me-nots are lifted and put in pots in the house, they will flower specially early.

Give all spring flowering bulbous plants a light feed.

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