Hangover Cures: After the Party’s Over…

Even the wisest of us sometimes wish we hadn’t had quite so many, or such varied, drinks the night before. What causes hangovers? Quite simply, hangovers are caused by Too Much. Of course, one man’s excess may be another’s aperitif, and even your own vulnerability may vary from day to day, depending on how well or tired you are, and whether the poor system is being strained in some other way – through over-eating or too much smoking. Basically it’s a kind of poisoning – the system gets flooded with alcohol and can’t get rid of it quickly enough. The question is, are there any real remedies for this lugubrious condition?

Food before

It’s always wise to eat well before spending an evening drinking rather than eating. It gives the lining of the stomach a buffer against the onslaught of alcohol. Dangerous drinks Some drinks are more likely to produce a hang-over in some people than others – for example, red wine, rum, whisky and, most lethal of all, brandy. On the other hand, you’re more likely to wake up feeling fresh and happy after drinking white wine, gin or vodka. The operative word is OR. Mixing wines and spirits is liable to lead to trouble too. Beware also of too much cheap champagne, cheap sour wine, and unidentified fruit cups!


The best answer of course, is to drink lots and lots of water on getting home from the party and before going to bed, with or without some fizzy additive. Two pints of water will do more for the pain than anything else as alcohol is very dehydrating and the dehydration is a prime cause of headaches. If you forgot to drink a lot of water just before you went to bed, drink much more water than you feel you actually want when you wake.


Half the trouble with many parties is the quantity of smoke which creates a heavy, thick atmosphere guaranteed to produce headaches. Cigarette smoking aggravates the effects of drinking too.

Kaolin and Morphine mixture

If someone is feeling distinctly queasy, he should pop into a chemist and down a dose of Kaolin and Morphine mixture. It settles the stomach miraculously and stops the boat rocking.

Patent Cure

Fernet Branca is an Italian bitters which certainly lives up to that description. Perhaps it’s the shock of the flavour or the soothing properties of the herbs but either way, some people find it curative. Underberg is a German cure – very alcoholic and very effective.

Curative recipe

These are really designed for people who are longing for a reviving sip of alcohol but realise it should be tempered with a good, nutritional base. Prairie Oyster is a mixture of 1 oz brandy, 1 teasp. Wine vinegar, 1 teasp. Worcester sauce, a dash Cayenne pepper and 1 egg yolk. Pour the first four ingredients over the egg and swallow – if possible -without breaking the egg! Both a Bloody Mary and a Bull Shot give a good cushion of tomato juice or consomme.


Medical students swear by a whiff of oxygen. A few deep breathes at an open window or a brisk walk are helpful for anyone without a cylinder to hand. Some sufferers find that in mountainous country a journey up the ski-lift above 5,000 feet will work wonders.

Food after

The morning after – and if you can bear it, chew but don’t swallow an orange or a lemon to clean out the bottom of the birdcage. It’s vital not to swallow the fruit: there’s enough acid already in your stomach. Breakfast should consist of porridge (to reline the stomach), and then kippers, for protein and salt to replace the minerals washed away by the alcohol (their absence can give you cramp). The Russians, with a wisdom learned from centuries of suffering under the effects of rough Vodka and tyranny, hand round salt fish and bread with salt on it to counter desalination while drinking.

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