Hard Wearing Paints for Outdoor Finishes and Woodwork

Outdoor finishes

Hard-wearing surface finishes applied from the can are available in a number of forms.

One is a durable paint made of plastic resin reinforced with small particles of mineral aggregate and minute nylon fibres. Another is an emulsion-based masonry paint, also with nylon reinforcement, plus an anti-mould additive. Another type of stone finish is made of plastic polymer resin combined with finely crushed marble. This finish is waterproof and is very durable. A product suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces is made of a dense mixture of synthetic resin base mixed with finely crushed minerals.

Another is a water-based textured masonry finish based on an emulsion polymer containing titanium oxide, graded mica-loaded aggregate and mineral quartz. This is suitable for cement rendering, brickwork, cement, concrete, pebble-dash and any other types of masonry.

With any of these ‘stone’ finishes on an unstable surface, sealer should be used before applying the stone finish.

Woodwork treatments

There are many preparatory treatments for exposed woodwork, including wood stains and dyes. Clear polyurethane varnishes also help to protect the colour and grain of the wood. If the wood is discoloured, a number of preparations are made to remove discolouration and to strip wood back to its original colour. Stain or dye wood finishes help to preserve timber and provide a water-repellant surface.

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