Healthy Eating: Food for Children

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Because they are growing fast and keeping active, children need more nutrients in relation to body size than adults. Their diets should contain plenty of nourishing protein foods such as meat, fish and cheese, and fresh fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

The value of milk Calcium and vitamin D are important for strong bones and teeth, and milk is one of the best sources. It also contains other minerals, protein and B vitamins. Children under five, however, need the high energy value of full-fat milk and should not be given skimmed milk.

Save their teeth

Few children are able or willing to brush their teeth after every meal, so make it a habit to finish with a piece of cheese or a few nuts to counteract the effects of acid-forming bacteria on their teeth. Apples won’t work as well, since they contain sugar and acids that may contribute to decay.

Children should always brush their teeth after eating sweets, however, or after sweet drinks.

Packed lunches

Save time and money by planning weekday meals so that you can make up lunches with items from the previous night’s meal.

  • Cook a little more chicken or roast meat so that there will be some left for sandwiches.
  • Prepare extra pasta, rice or potatoes for a salad.
  • Heat up a leftover casserole and pack it in a vacuum jar for a hot meal on a chilly day.

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