Heating a Room by Gas Fires and Heaters

Gas fires and heaters provide a completely labour-saving method of heating a home, provided they are carefully maintained and used, but are not always completely safe where there are young children. Many types of fires and heaters are now available.

Where a permanent fire is needed, panel heaters are perhaps best, and these must be fixed with a suitable flue. It is possible to purchase portable gas-fires, but these are only suitable for occasional use. If a system of gas heating is going to be used in the house, it is best to have normal gas-fires each fitted with a flue.

Generally speaking, new homes today are fitted with gas radiators and convector heaters; to be really effective these should be kept running continually, as they are not constructed to give a quick heat. Fitted with a thermostatic control, they make a good background heat in a large room, where a small coal fire is used for only part of the day.

When buying this type of gas heater, it is important to have one the correct size for the room. Before visiting the gas showrooms find out the cubic feet of space to be heated; the salesman will then be able to give advice on the size of heater required.

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