Holistic Principles


Although organic farming practices cannot ensure that products are completely free of chemical residues (pesticides have been used for so many years that soil and water supplies may still retain some pesticide residues), a range of methods is employed to minimize pollution from the air, soil and water. These are some of the main principles of organic farming:

• To use materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems, rather than trying to dominate them.

• To encourage biological cycles involving microorganisms present in the soil, plants and animals.

• To protect essential landscape features and provide adequate habitat for the maintenance of wildlife, with particular regard for endangered species.

• To avoid pollution of the environment.

• To consider the wider social and ecological impact of farming systems.

• To promote the health of humans and their environment.


Most producers who follow guidelines for organic meat production espouse the following principles:

• To operate the very highest levels of animal welfare.

• To avoid feeding routine drugs, growth promoters, animal offal or any other additives to animals.

• To grow at least 70 per cent of animal feed to organic standards.

• To avoid using artificial fertilizers or pesticides on feed crops or grass.

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