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The comfort of a home, and its economical and easy management, depends a great deal on the sensible care devoted to its maintenance. A house that is neglected and falls into disrepair can be a miserable and gloomy place in which to live; not only does it cost more to clean and run, but an unkempt house may endanger the health of its occupants. A badly seated light switch or plug, a piece of worn electrical flex can be dangerous; a cracked window-pane or draughty doorway causes colds and chills; a chipped sink or gap round the draining-board harbours dirt and germs, and it is often found that people who are in a constant state of poor health live in houses that are run down.

The cost and trouble of keeping a house in good order is very small in relation to the return, for the expenditure is an investment. This is especially true if the occupant is the owner of the property, but it is of equal importance to the tenant of rented property. A dingy dwelling overshadows the outlook of those who live in it; a bright, cheerful home leads to contentment and cheerful living. It is not sufficient to renew a tap-washer occasionally, oil hinges when they squeak, or cover the walls with new paper in the Spring.

home maintenance inspection checklist To keep a house in good order, requires a methodical check over at regular intervals; a house should be thoroughly inspected from top to bottom — inside and outside — once a year, and any necessary repairs noted and dealt with in their order of priority. This annual check-over should supplement brief inspections carried out at shorter periods, say every three months, to check on small things that can go wrong — the kitchen drawer that won’t slide easily, the sash-cord that frays to danger point, complaining locks and hinges, loosening stair-runners, etc.

It is one thing to carry out inspections at regular intervals, but it is quite another thing to know what to look for, and to be able to differentiate between a serious structural fault requiring urgent attention and a simple repair job that can be done at any convenient time. In this section – devoted to the inspection of houses – you will find what to look for and how to recognize faults.

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