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Even if they have to be dual or multi-purpose, bedrooms should be soothing, private places that express your own personality. This drab, dark room, with its utilitarian furniture, fails on all counts.

• Whatever a bedroom’s other shortcomings, the bed should be comfortable. This is sagging and overdue for replacement.

• The dark walls make the room seem cave-like and devoid of comfort.

• There is insufficient storage for the many different items that need to be tidied away in a typical bedroom — sports and hobby equipment as well as shoes and clothes.

• Old or second-hand furniture can have great appeal, but these pieces are characterless.

• The woodwork’s virtues are hidden beneath layers of peeling paint.

• The battered floorboards and thin grey carpet give the room the air of temporary student accommodation.


Initial thoughts

What this room needs is some romance and personality: a relaxing colour scheme, a new bed and some practical storage, a facelift for the chest-of-drawers and some little touches of luxury.

Walls need lightening and brightening.

Radiator – a classic that could be treated to become a feature. Furniture needs revamping or replacing, especially the bed. Accessories should be soft, colourful and personal.

Floor – would take a sophisticated paint treatment well.

Window (not shown) a good feature but needs to be made less stark.


bedroom makeover - after… to this

Stylish, romantic, feminine — this is now a bedroom you would be glad to wake up in. The toning colours are soft without being cloying, and fresh flowers, diffused light and embroidered silks contribute to the overall appeal.


How it was done

Floor – once stripped and sanded, the floor was given two coats of floor paint. The pale green border has emphasized the shape and architectural style of the room. A bedside rug would give extra comfort in winter.

Window – existing shutters at the full-length sash window were restored so they close at night, and a voile curtain filters the light and gives privacy during the day.

Storage – versatile mix of hanging space, drawers and shelving was built along one wall, and the doors painted to match the rest of the furniture.

Chest-of-drawers – checked for woodworm and the drawer runners repaired so they ran smoothly. The chest was then painted pale blue and the handles replaced.

Bed – the mattress was replaced and the metal frame was bought in a second-hand shop, sanded down, primed and given several coats of metallic paint. Bed knobs coordinate with the chest handles.

Fabrics – bedlinen and a quilted cover in pinks, lilacs and mauves complete the colour scheme, and are echoed in cushions and floral accessories.



The radiator is a classic example of an early cast-iron pillar style. It was decided to enhance its features by painting it with metallic paint, to tie in with the metal bed frame. If the radiator had not had so much character it could either have been faded into the background by painting it with the same emulsion as the walls (then protected with transparent radiator paint) or enclosed with a radiator cover.

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