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hall makeover beforeThis is typical of the narrow, dark hall found in many houses. It looks tired and is in need of an update.

• The floor has been stained a dark brown to hide the fact the boards are in a poor state of repair.

• The small fringed rug presents a safety hazard.

• The walls and skirting boards (baseboards) are painted a safe neutral and the front door has had the panelling picked out to contrast, which looks fussy.

• The whole area lacks any form of personality or impact.


Initial thoughts

A simple change of colour scheme would instantly create a more modern look and some remedial work to the floor and the introduction of a few good accessories would transform this area.

Walls can be painted and more can be made of the room’s architectural features by outlining them in white.

Floor can be stripped, sanded and painted. Furniture can be updated.

Light and space a hall can be made to appear larger and airier with the use of cleverly positioned mirrors. These will also help it seem less narrow and not so long.


hall makeover after… To this

The new look is stylish, streamlined and modern. It feels welcoming and will have a positive impact on visitors.


How it was done

Floor – the floorboards were stripped and sanded, then painted with a special, quick-drying floor paint. The grid pattern was carefully worked out beforehand on paper.

Walls – easily freshened with a coat of emulsion in a light sandstone shade that tones with the floor base colour.

Door – repainted with crisp white gloss paint.

Skirting boards (baseboards) – painted to match the walls, with the beading at the top and the door frames picked out in white, to make them stand out against the walls.

Finishing touches – modern metal accessories — a stylish chrome and plywood chair, a metal planter and metal-framed mirrors — add reflected light to the area. The thick coir doormat is practical.


Other ideas

In a period home, disguise an over-tall hall by adding a dado rail about 1 m (3 ft) from the floor and treat the areas above and below it differently—you might like to try a marbling or dragged paint effect.

Try to do something interesting with the far end of a long hall. You could paint it a strong colour, paper it with a bold pattern or clad it with mirror or metallic tiles. If there is a door in this wall, paint it to contrast with the wall.

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