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kitchen makeover beforefrom this ….

This basic kitchen is typical of one which can be found in many properties built or refurbished in the late 1970s and early 1980s: it lacks character and style, and is short on storage.

• The colour-washed paint finish on the walls now looks tired and out of date.

• The wood-veneered units are robust but heavy-looking.

• The woodblock floor is in a good state of repair.

• The basic stainless steel sink has individual taps; common 30 years ago, but hardly used today.

• The tiled splashback behind the sink has a few patterned tiles inset to create pattern interest, but they are boring and old fashioned.

• The refrigerator, although adequate, looks dated.

• The furniture is an odd mix of hand-me-downs.


Initial thoughts

It need not cost a lot of money to give this kitchen a facelift, and it isn’t necessary to do any complicated replanning and refitting.

Walls can be painted.

Tiles and worktops can be replaced (or existing tiles painted over, using a special tile paint).

kitchen makeover afterWooden floor can be stripped, sanded and either stained and sealed or painted.

Sink can be updated with a simple change of taps to give a more modern look.

Accent colours – these can be added by using patterned or plain accessories.

…. to this

This style aims towards a warm, cosy, heart-of-the-home feel, where the colours suggest spring sunshine all year round. The basics have been left in place, but re-coloured to create a modern farmhouse look.


How it was done

kitchen makeover - how it was done 2Units have been painted in a pale creamy yellow, and the old metal handles exchanged for round wooden knobs.

Sink the pedestal taps have been replaced with a streamlined mixer unit. The sink has been given a thorough clean, and a new, colourful plug.

Tiles have been replaced by creamy-yellow ones, with occasional mint green and lilac tiles inset to provide cool accents (this effect could also be created by painting the existing tiles).

Wails have been repainted in ivory, which helps to enhance the warmer colours introduced into the scheme in the units, accessories and furniture.

Floor has been stripped, and sanded back to a light wood colour then given several coats of sealant to make it practical, easy to clean and able to withstand kitchen spills.

Refrigerator has been given a fashionable ‘large American fridge’ look, by re-spraying it in metallic paint.

Furniture, has also been given a makeover. A primrose laminated top has been added to the table and the frame has been given a light wood stain. The chairs have been painted to match the tabletop.



The country look can be softened even further by the introduction of flowers and floral patterns. They add character and enhance the farmhouse style. Here pretty floral accessories, such as cushions and napkins, to match the curtains, have been used. Some old-fashioned items can still look good in today’s kitchens, while others, such as the sink’s original taps, just look like leftovers from another age.


Or try this…

This modern city kitchen has a more contemporary feel and would suit a loft-style apartment or modern river- or canal-side flat. A cool colour scheme can often be introduced to suggest space and light.

or try this - alternative kitchen makeoverWalls have been painted soft white. Bright white would have looked slightly clinical, and just a little too hard against the tiles.

Units have also been painted white, with the plinth outlined in silver grey, to echo the new grey laminated worktop. Notice how much difference the handles make. By adding these sleek chrome handles our eyes notice the inset pattern of the doors less, and the overall effect is much plainer.

Floor has been painted in creamy white with a painted mint green border to outline the units. It was then sealed with a gloss varnish to protect the paint. You could use a matt or even ‘dead flat’ varnish if you prefer a more muted effect.

Sink – the taps have been changed for a matching chrome mixer unit. There’s no need to buy a very expensive unit: look for one that reflects the shape and colours you’re working with, and keep it simple.

Tiles – the splashback has been painted a cool blue-green and re-grouted in white using a special grouting pen (these are available from DIY stores in a variety of colours).

Refrigerator has been sprayed with metallic silver paint to echo the chrome (not shown).

Furniture – the chairs have been replaced with a set of folding metal and wood garden chairs, which were very inexpensive and can be easily folded away to create space. A simple rectangular table was painted to pull in both main colours: mint green and off-white. The two-colour effect looks fresh and clean and links in well with the rest of the colour scheme, creating a spacious feel.

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