How to Apply Window Security Film to Windows

How to Apply Window Security Film

How to Apply Window Security Film to Windows Plastic window film is great for heat insulation and for cutting down on condensation, but better still, it makes it more difficult for the burglar to gain entry, and contains and controls the shards of glass if the window breaks.

Tools and Materials for the Job:

  • Enough window security film to cover the windows you want to protect.
  • Lint-free soft cloth to clean the glass
  • Pencil and measuring rule
  • Scissors and craft knife
  • Hair dryer
  • Screwdriver to fit the screws on your window battens.

1. Cutting the Window Security Film

Having removed the existing battens from the inside of the window (or cut new battens to fit), thoroughly clean the glass with the cloth. Use the scissors and craft knife to cut the film so that it covers the glass and so that there is a generous all round fit.

2. Smoothing and Easing the Window Security Film

Use your hands and the cloth to gently ease the plastic film into place over the surface of the glass. Smooth the film from the centre outwards to remove all air bubbles and wrinkles.

3. Shrinking the Window Security Film

With the hairdryer set on a medium heat, gently play it backwards and forwards over the window security film until it begins to shrink and tighten up on the glass. Continue until the film is indistinguishable from the glass.

BE WARNED: — go easy, as too much concentrated heat or too much pressure can damage the film and/or break the glass.

4. Replacing the Battens

Trim away the excess edges from the film with the craft knife, and screw the battens back in place. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the glass and not to scratch the window security film.

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