How to Build a Garden Wall

Small concrete slabs or concrete bricks, are very suitable for building low garden walls and for making garden steps. The site of the wall should be defined with lines and pegs and the foundation should be prepared by digging a shallow trench for a depth of about 4 in.

If the ground is very hard and firm the depth of the trench may be reduced. The 4 in. should be filled with a foundation material of brick rubble or gravel, which should be well rammed into the soil, leaving about 1 in. to 2 in. for a layer of concrete on which the wall is built. If the sides of the trench are firm and even, it will not be necessary to erect formwork before mixing the foundation layer of cement, using one part cement, two parts sand and four parts coarse aggregate.

The concrete slabs are laid on the foundation after it has set off, and the wall is built with a mortar made by mixing one part cement and three parts sand. Before the slabs are laid they should be thoroughly wetted, either by dousing them with water from a hose-pipe or soaking them in a bucket of water. This should be done immediately before they are laid. The thickness of mortar between the joints of the slabs should be about 1 in. During the erection of the wall a spirit-level should be used to ensure that the level of rising courses is even and also that the wall is perfectly upright. The joints of the slabs should be staggered.

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