How to Choose the Right Drink

How often do you go into a bar, cast a glance at the dazzling array of bottles — and then stick to something like the familiar gin and tonic? Or sit down to dinner, peer at a wine list long as your arm, and then settle on a reassuring Beaujolais?

On the other hand, when did you last treat a friend to a Rusty Nail (a heartening mixture of Scotch and Drambuie) — or enjoy a fresh, cooling glass of Chambery? Have you shared a really splendid bottle of wine with someone recently, or cheered a Sunday morning party with a tankard of Buck’s Fizz? Have you ever tasted Forbidden Fruit or Sloe Gin? Or perhaps you’d fancy a shot of something fragrantly alcoholic in a cup of coffee, or a long, long cool Safari Punch?

There are so many beautiful, delicious drinks in the world that it’s a pity not to be adventurous. And even if you already enjoy a wide variety of drinks there are always new twists, new tastes. Some drinks have an instant reaction. You may love a Whisky Mac and loathe Pernod. But wine is a much more subtle business, and no amount of reading about it will really substitute for years of tasting. The great thing about wine is that it grows on you, and though a lot of the phraseology sounds florid — and sometimes downright foolish — the writer is usually making a brave attempt to put into words a highly personal appreciation of an elusive sensation. (It’s as difficult as talking about music or abstract painting.) The main thing is to try all sorts of wines with all sorts of food until you find the combinations that please you best.

This website aims to set out clearly the basic facts, give suggestions to try, and provide a generous choice of recipes and mixtures which have been found to be thoroughly acceptable. Armed with the information you’ll know your way round the labels. But the next step — downing the stuff and discovering whether it’s a glorious pleasure or just curious — is up to you. Sharing a drink is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting together with friends. So whether you’re planning a party at home, going out to a restaurant for supper, or buying another drink in a bar — be adventurous!

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