How to Clear a Blocked Toilet


Like other appliances, toilets have traps which are prone to blocking. Often the cure is to pour some bleach down the blocked toilet and leave it for a while. If this doesn’t work, try pouring in several buckets of water in quick succession — preferably from a height of around 1m (3ft) to increase the momentum.

More stubborn blockages generally respond to plunging with a cooper’s plunger — or failing this, a drain rod with rubber disc attachment. The only exceptions are syphonic toilets with double sealed traps; on these, use an auger instead.

toilet blockages

Most blockages in toilet traps can be shifted using a cooper’s plunger. Work it backwards and forwards vigorously in the mouth of the trap to bring hydraulic pressure to bear on the blockage.

Double sealed toilet traps don’t respond to plunging. If the blockage can’t be shifted using bleach or by pouring in buckets of water, it must be cleared using a sink or drain auger.

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