How to Cure Ballvalve Float Problems


♦ If the float develops a leak, the valve won’t shut off at the correct point. Unscrew the float, empty out the water, and patch the hole with epoxy putty or tie a plastic bag over it. Replace as soon as possible.

fit a damper♦ Sometimes — and especially on Portsmouth valves — the float bounces on the ripples as the tank fills, causing water hammer in the supply pipe. You can cure this by fitting a purpose-made damper to the float arm. Alternatively, hang a punctured yoghurt carton in the tank, suspended from the float arm by a length of galvanized wire.

♦ In a toilet cistern, the float may catch on the flushing mechanism causing the valve to jam open. If necessary bend a brass arm so that the float is free to move throughout its travel; plastic arms generally have a choice of fitting positions.

on a toilet cistern

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