How to Fit a Mortice Deadlock

How to Fit a Mortice Deadlock

How to Fit a Mortice Deadlock A choice way of making a door secure is to fit a top quality mortice lock. With a mortice being defined as “a rectangular hole”, a mortice lock is one that fits inside a mortice or hole. If you enjoy basic DIY, then fitting this type of lock is a good, swift low-cost option.

Tools and Materials for the Job:

  • Top quality BS mortice lock
  • Pencil and measuring tape
  • Marking gauge
  • Try square
  • Bevel edged chisel at 19mm wide
  • Mallet
  • Electric drill
  • Flat drill bits: 12mm and 19mm
  • Small twist drill bit for pilot holes
  • Spike or bradawl for marking
  • Keyhole or padsaw
  • Masking tape
  • Screwdrivers to fit your chosen screws

1. Marking the Position of the Lock

Set the body of the mortice lock flat and flush against the edge of the door so that it is 50 mm below the central horizontal member. Use a pencil to carefully mark in the position of the mortice hole on the edge of the door.

2. Marking the Mortice

Set the marking gauge to half the thickness of the door and scribe a line down the centre of the edge. Use the pencil, square and gauge to mark in the precise length and width of the mortice hole.

3. Drilling the Holes

Fit the drill with the 19 mm flat bit. Use a piece of masking tape to mark the drill bit so that you know when the drilled holes are slightly deeper than the length of the body of the lock. Set the point of the drill on the scribed centre line, and drill 4 to 5 linked holes into the thickness of the door.

4. Chiselling Out the Mortice

Take the bevel edged chisel and mallet, and little by little cut away the waste from around the drilled holes until you have a mortice hole that is big enough to take the body of the lock.

With the lock fitted in the mortice, mark around the plate with a pencil. Use the chisel to pare out a recess for the plate so that the plate finishes flush with the edge of the door.

5. Marking the Keyhole

Use the spike to mark in the position of the keyhole. Centre the 12mm flat drill bit on the mark and run a hole through into the mortice, first from one side of the door and then from the other.

6. Cutting the Keyhole

Insert the keyhole or pad saw into the 12mm drilled hole and cut a slot big enough to take the key, first on one side of the door then on the other. Slide the body of the lock into the mortice, drill pilot holes for the various screws and fix into place. Fit the plate over the keyhole. Finally, fit the striking plate into the doorframe. Mark around it with a pencil, drill and chisel out a recess for the striking bolt and screw into position.

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