How to Fit an Outdoor Security Light

How to Fit an Outdoor Security Light

How to Fit an Outdoor Security Light Outdoor security lighting is a must-have in any home and is sure to deter any intruders — as well as safely welcome callers to your home. To make full and proper use of your new light, make sure it comes on just before the evenings start to draw in at all times of the year.

Tools and Materials for the Job:

  • Existing double socket as near as possible to the front door
  • Top quality BS junction box
  • Top quality BS FCU – fused connection unit
  • Top quality BS light switch
  • Outside light – one that is well shielded so that the light is thrown down
  • 2m of 2.5mm two-core and earth cable
  • pencil and measuring tape
  • Short spirit level
  • spike or bradawl
  • Selection of electrical screwdrivers
  • Wire strippers and cutters
  • Electricians pliers
  • Electric drill and drill bits to fit
  • Club hammer and cold chisel


1. Establishing the Layout

A spur can be taken from an existing double socket. The layout should be as follows: a spur goes up to a switched and fused connection unit, on through a junction box, and then, via a switch, on to the wall light. Screw the new items in place on the walls.

2. Wiring into the Existing Socket

Switch off the power at the mains, and run a new length of cable into the top of the existing power socket. Strip away the insulation and wire the cores into the appropriate neutral live and earth terminals.

3. Wiring into the FCU and Light

Run the new cable up from the existing socket into the FCU and connect it to the ‘feed’ terminals. Run a new length of cable from the ‘load’ terminals to the switch, the junction box and the light. The light should ideally have a shield at the top to illuminate the face of the caller. Finally switch on the power.

NOTE: the cables can be hidden in channels cut into the plaster, inside cavity walls or inside plastic ducting.

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