How to Fit Bathroom Taps


Pillar taps and mixers all fit in basically the same way, but there are certain restrictions on how and where mixers can be fitted (See Problem Solver – Bath Mixer Taps). The first job is to test-fit the new taps to see how they match up to the existing supply pipes:

If the tails are too short, there may be enough free play in the pipes to make up the difference — but don’t force them. If not, fit tap shank adaptors between the tails and the existing tap connectors.

If the new taps are plastic, you may be able to get away with using the existing brass connectors by winding a single turn of PTFE tape around the threads of the tails before connecting. Do not over-tighten.

plastic tap adaptorOr fit plastic tap adaptors (usually supplied) as shown on the right.

If the tap bodies are a loose fit in their holes, buy anti-rotational washers to stop them moving.

If the suite material is too thin to tighten the backnuts, fit top-hat washers to make up the thickness — you’ll probably find they were fitted to the old taps.

For a bath mixer fitted to an acrylic bath, make up a bracing plate from plywood; cut it roughly to the size of the tap body and drill holes for the tails at 180mm (7") centres.


Other points to watch

♦ As when removing the old taps, take care not to let the new taps turn as you tighten the backnuts.

♦ Do not overtighten the backnuts.

♦ Convention has it that hot goes on the left and cold on the right. There may be a problem if the supply pipes are installed the other way and you are fitting a shower mixer (see Problem Solver – Bath Mixer Taps).

fitting bathroom taps

1. Position the new tap and sealing gasket and support it against being turned. (Fit an anti-rotational washer if the tap is a loose fit in the hole.)

2. Working from below, fit any washers supplied (or required) then screw on the backnut. Steadying the tap, tighten the backnut with the appropriate tool.

3. Dig out the old washer in the a tap connector with a bradawl and fit a new one. Screw the connector to the end of the tap tail and tighten with a wrench.shank adaptor

Fit a shank adaptor to bridge the gap between existing supply pipes and short tap tails. Screw the adaptor to the tail and tighten, then screw on the tap connector.

bath mixer tapsBath mixers need a plywood bracing plate if fitted to an acrylic bath. Top-hat washers are nearly always required, but should already have been fitted to the old taps. The shower head hose simply screws to the outlet nozzle.

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